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    Night Bear's Night Mares (some loli, mind control, drugs, slow, cuckold, plot, slow)

    Night Bear's Night Mares
    by DiscipleN

    Chapter 1

    "Now that's a surprise." Molly Barker's smile widened. "It's bigger than I expected." Newly nine years old, Greta Barker was too intent upon tearing away her birthday present's wrapper to care about her mother's surprise.

    The father, Jake Barker, held out his phone, video recording and streaming to his grandmother. January Felding lived in a convalescent home, at the humbling age of 104. She was delighted to attend her great-granddaughter's birthday, if virtually. Jan was not shy around technology, having working for IBM in the fifties. She had coordinated the women programmers who were common for that era. "It's one of those talking bears." She beamed into her computer tablet which was mounted on her small desk. Jan was too weak and too shaky to hold the tablet, but she could still walk a mile every day with her roller/walker, although it took a couple hours.

    The toy bear was the size of twin-size pillow, much larger than it had looked online. Upon lifting the cardboard lid, it was designed to say, "I love you!"

    Greta squealed! Her face lit up like the Fourth of July at sunset. She worked madly to free her new 'friend' from its cardboard prison.

    "How are we going to break it to her that only humans can love?" Jake said to his wife, half joking.

    "Jake," His grandmother asked. "Would you step into the kitchen for a second?"

    "Sure." He strode out of the living room and into the kitchen all the way to the stove, assuming she wanted privacy. "What's up?"

    "I'm afraid I spent too much on the gift."

    "You would think that." Jake glared. "But it's my money you're spending, and I didn't get to be a vice president by being cheap."

    She shook her wrinkled head. "I suppose. If I hadn't funded that foreign exchange student, Gary Tien, I wouldn't have found out about the toy. Supposedly it's the hottest thing since hula hoops, in China. It was expensive as heck to get one shipped to the states from Taiwan. They're a limited production, with all units slated for the vast Chinese market. Even the Taiwanese can't buy them."

    "I love you, Greatness."

    "I love you, but I'll tell you a secret." January smiled. "I love your daughter a lot more."

    "I may have great privilege and wealth, Gran, but I don't want Greta to grow up spoiled. Molly and I are united to instill empathy for humanity and charity into our daughter."

    "That's good, Jake. But a grandmother's role is to spoil her grandchildren. As Greta's great gran, that goes squared. Deal with it." The old woman sighed. "Bring her more often when you visit. I'm a little tired now. Give her extra hugs and kisses for me."

    "We'll fly out there again, soon." He assured her. They parted waving into their respective cameras.

    "I'll always tell you the truth - Greta." A firm, masculine voice creaked upon speaking the little girl's name. Jake returned to the living room. His wife, Molly, was amazed. "It asked her name, and then it spoke it!" She looked at him, her surprise doubled.

    "It's a boy, Mommy!" Greta hugged the bear which wasn't much smaller than her.

    The AI driven toy sensed an opening in the conversation. "What's my name, Greta?" Its packaging was labeled, Ted D. Rapsin Too, an obvious, brand name knock-off. The toy wasn't allowed to be sold in the US. Manufactured in Taiwan, it was exclusively exported to mainland China. Yet it spoke excellent English, no doubt as well as Mandarin and Cantonese.

    "Isn't your name, Teddy?" Greta asked.

    "I'm not sure if it'll understand that, Sweetheart." Jake intervened to soften potential disappointment.

    "That's not my name, Greta." Whenever the toy spoke her name, its smooth, manly voice grated slightly, as if those syllables were generated differently than its regular voice. "There are many kinds of bears, Greta. My kind is called Ted D. Rapsin Too. But I would love it, if you gave me a name that was all my own."

    Jake's ears twitched. It sounded as if 'Rapsin' had been pronounced "Rapes-in." The ridiculous notion was swept away by his curiosity. What would Greta name her amazing toy? He and Molly held their breaths.

    "Oh, gosh!" Greta's mouth fell open. Her little jaw dangled as she tried to think of a name. She took a deep breath and her voice trembled. "How about, -- Oscar?"

    "Say that name again, Greta." The toy had also asked to verify Greta's name before pronouncing it.

    "Oscar?" Greta worried that her new friend wouldn't like it.

    "Ozscar? Is that right? I like it, but I want to be sure."

    "No, Oscar." Greta corrected.

    "Oscar." The toy's confirmed with a forceful pronunciation.

    "YES!" The little girl squealed again.

    "I love my new name Oscar!" The toy exclaimed.

    Neither Jake nor Molly were surprised at their daughter's choice. Oscar the grouch was her favorite Sesame St. character. Jake felt slightly embarrassed, because his daughter thought he sounded a lot Oscar when he scolded her - as a father sometimes must.

    As a man, Jake was ok with confronting problems by calling them out. He was judicious about it and didn't just whine at every little thing. Still, when in a mood, the tone of his voice sounded similar to Oscar the Grouch. He would often play with his daughter, using his grouchy voice. Although slightly embarrassed, Jake felt a little honored by the name Greta had given to her incredible toy.

    "Don't be too grouchy, Oscar." Greta warned her friend.

    "Grouchy?" The toy paused as if requiring a moment to find a kid friendly response. "Only if you don't behave, Greta. I promise."

    The little girl pouted slightly. She didn't want her friend to treat her like her father.

    "Sweetheart, he must mean he might complain if you treat him badly." Jake subversively coaxed his daughter to take care of Oscar. She could get a little angry when frustrated during play.

    Molly let out a held breath. The toy's response had made her wary.

    "I won't hurt you ever, Oscar!" She picked up the large, stuffed bear and hugged it gently.

    "I love hugs." Oscar encouraged. "I want hugs from everyone!"

    "Mommy and Daddy, you have to hug him too." Molly held Oscar out to her father. Jake played along and gave the bear a pleasant hug. Just out of its plastic wrap, the smell of it didn't surprise him, but the odor was unlike the typical PVC outgassing. A cheaper plastic? He wondered. He hoped Taiwan's manufacturing quality was closer to Japan's than China's. He'd hate for the expensive toy to break down before Greta tired of it and treated Oscar like all the other gifts her great grandmother had given. Jake felt around the toy, detecting small lumps here and there behind plenty of protective stuffing. It seemed safe enough for Greta. He gave it to Molly who hugged it briefly and returned it to their beaming daughter.

    "I'm going to play with Oscar, right now!" Greta dashed outside, leaving the smaller presents from her parents, unopened.

    "I like to play!" Oscar affirmed.

    "If you get him dirty, you'll have to clean it." Molly warned after her daughter. She had noticed its odor too. She bent down and lifted the carton. After extracting the manual, she handed the box to Jake and began to read.

    Jake rummaged through the box and was intrigued by three metal tubes with caps on one end. They looked like tubes of toothpaste.

    Molly read aloud. "Charge your Ted R. Rapsin Too with the fuel canisters supplied. Fresh canisters can be ordered from-"

    "How often?" Jake immediately assumed they were like razor blades, a deliberate means to get more money from customers.

    "Once a month, but one canister has six charges." Molly read. "I'm surprised it doesn't use batteries."

    Jake shrugged. "That is odd, but Taiwan is known for outside-of-the-box, tech achievements. Many of their people get a science degree in America but then work in their own country."

    "Greta will be bored with Oscar before her next birthday." Molly predicted. When she was ten, she was already stalking real live boys, stuffed animals mere room decorations forever after.

    "Yup." Jake leered at his beautiful wife. The casual dress she wore couldn't hide her sexy figure. Nothing could. Jake preferred nothing. He set down the fuel cells and lifted her into his arms. Oscar's manual dropped to the floor.

    "What if Greta-" Molly wanted to say their daughter might have questions about Oscar, but she wanted her man much more! They screwed in the kitchen until his cum dripped from her wet pussy. As veteran parents, they had become masters of the quickie.

    When their daughter did return, Molly helped her to clean the dirt from Oscar's furry feet and soft rubber claws. "Getting dirty is fun!" Oscar peasantly mocked their efforts.

    Greta opened her last presents before dinner. Molly had given her a golden hairbrush, and Jake's was a spelling game device. He had to scrounge batteries from a flashlight to get it working. Oscar made occasional comments. "I can tell stories." and "I like being with you, Greta."

    For dessert, they had lit candles on a cake and sang the song and spanked her playfully on her lavender skirt's bum. After dinner, Molly suggested sending Greta to bed early, so the three of them could listen to one of Oscar's stories. The manual stated that he could fetch tales from the internet if there was a wifi connection.

    "There once was three bears and a pretty little girl named, Greta."

    Greta squealed.

    Jake almost nodded off at the part where Greta tried the bowl of soup that was too hot. Molly urged her husband to stand. She told her daughter, "I'll tuck you into bed later, if you're still awake, Sweetheart. Happy birthday."

    Jake wished his daughter the same.

    "Night night!" Oscar could tell time. "Hugs?"

    Greta made them hug him after hugging her. Several hours outside hadn't reduced the toy's odd scent, but Jake was too sleepy to care. Molly thought he was pretending. When they got into bed, she began kissing her manly husband, passionately. He told her he really was sleepy. It was only 8pm. Usually, he was the one to make the advances for a second bout in one day. Sometimes, he woke her up in the middle of the night to ejaculate for a third time into her Pill protected womb. be continued...

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    Re: Night Bear's Night Mares (some loli, mind control, drugs, slow, cuckold, plot, slow)

    Chapter 2

    In the morning, Jake made up for lost ground, energetically depositing his semen into his wife's quivering loins.

    Greta surprised them not long after her parents had copulated like a stallion and mare. The nine year old had no notion of sex between parents. They kept their bedroom door locked against such a situation. Greta had woken up with Oscar in her arms. He'd spoke to her pajama top's flat front. "Good morning, Greta. Let's surprise your parents with a nice hug."

    "Surprise!" She called out after knocking. Molly pulled on her bathrobe, and Jake donned his samurai style yukata. The mother opened the door for their little girl who ran in thrusting Oscar against her mommy's bulbous chest. The she hugged her with the toy between them. "It's a surprise hug, Mommy!"

    "That's a wonderful surprise, Sweetheart." Molly kissed her daughter's forehead. Greta dashed up to her father and did the same thing. Jake hugged her gently to avoid stressing the sophisticated toy's electronics. "Good morning, Baby."

    "I'm nine, Daddy. I'm not a baby anymore."

    "That's right. You just had a birthday." Jake tousled her hair. "Tell you what. I'll stop calling you Baby when you grow older than me."

    "That's not fair, Daddy!" The girl punched her his arm.

    "Ooof!" Jake cried out. "That hurt! Mommy, Greta hit me." He grinned at his wife.

    "Now now, you two, a little breakfast should calm everyone." She exited towards the kitchen.

    "Maybe Daddy is the baby." Oscar called with a cheerful tone.

    As she walked out, Molly called back to her husband. "I'll show Greta how to make toast. You cook the ham steaks and eggs." Greta sped after her mother, tearing Oscar away from her father's embrace.

    Jake coughed. If the bear's new plastic odor didn't fade soon, he might have to take steps. He guessed it would be okay to try dry carpet shampoo on its fur. It wasn't a bad smell, it was just odd. He didn't trust the manufacturer's choice of materials.

    He drove to work that day in his silver Lincoln without a care for the stress of his job. Usually, he mentally reviewed his checklist for the day, but he was too comfortable on the smooth ride to worry about anything. As a result, before the end of the day, he'd made a twenty thousand dollar mistake. Nobody in the office blinked over sums that trivial, but he chided himself for his noob-like decision.

    "Let's get a sitter for Greta tonight and hire Darlene to tuck us into bed." He whispered to his wife after hugging Greta again with Oscar in her arms.

    Molly winked. She had been pleasantly horny that day and took an hour off of her work to soak in a tub of hot water and masturbate. Her colleagues at the city reservoir, power generation plant could handle things without their virtual manager for an hour.

    Darling was a high end call girl, a woman in her forties and not particularly beautiful or sexy. She dressed plainly actually, but that was part of her schtick. She could make a man and woman cum like she was two of the hottest hookers, and she was a total professional, discrete and independent. When the three of them went to a hotel for the evening, nobody would have guessed that Darlene was anyone but a dear friend.

    Even Oscar approved of the babysitter, although Greta had hoped that she was too old for one, finally. "I know games that are really fun with a babysitter." Oscar's sophisticated AI stunned the nineteen year-old. Greta made the babysitter hug Oscar. Before Jake and Molly left, she shared three-way hugs with them and her bear, like she had that morning.

    In their six hundred dollar hotel suite, Jake was a gentleman, letting the women go first. He watched them licking and sucking and playing on the king sized bed, with Darlene's special toys while he masturbated. Except before they finished, an unexpected orgasm flared through his system. His hard, big dick lurched. It sprayed a few drops of cum onto the sheets. He grunted wishing he had cum harder, but it was still early. He would recover.

    Darlene growled from her third orgasm and launched herself at the drops of cum. She licked them up with a swipe of her tongue and sank her mouth around Jake's softening prick. Molly stuck a vibrator up her husband's butt. As she corn-holed him with silicone, she alternated biting on his tough nipples and kissing him deeply with her tongue.

    After a few minutes, Jake was still soft. He turned tables on the women and fucked their cunts with dildoes while he sucked on their tits. He was a master of dirty talk and coaxed them into embarrassing orgasms. Half an hour before they had to return home, his erection returned, and he made them fight like cats to earn the privilege of getting fucked. Normally, Molly let Darlene win, but this time she was fought like a tiger and jumped her husband's boner at Darlene's sharp cry of "Uncle!"

    They mated like rabbits, and Jake came deep into his wife's hot pussy, but his dick wilted before she could get off. No one mentioned it.

    They returned home to find the babysitter asleep. Oscar was quietly singing a lullaby. Greta was watching a cartoon, one arm cradling her amazing friend.

    "I must have dozed off." The sitter blinked and looked embarrassed. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again." She was a friend's daughter in college, earning a few bucks for beers and condoms.

    Molly consoled the young woman, and Jake took his daughter to bed. "Good night, Sweetheart."

    "Nite, Daddy." Greta sighed then lurched up. "You didn't hug Oscar!"

    The sitter should have put her to bed hours ago. Jake never minced words. "It's time you were asleep."

    "Daddy!" Greta pouted.

    Jake closed the door and shrugged at his wife who hurried in having payed the sitter. After kissing her daughter goodnight, Molly caught up with her husband in their bed. "Would it have killed you to give the toy a hug?"

    "I don't like how it smells. I'll look into the materials of its fur, on Saturday."

    Molly had noticed the odor on Greta's birthday, but she had gotten used to it. She had already checked the manual and carton for safety information. It had been approved by Taiwan's most reputable child safety oversight committee. She had even checked up on the committee. They had a better track record than the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Subconsciously still wanting the orgasm Jake had denied her. She told him, "If you can get used to the smell and taste of my pussy, you better not disappoint our daughter again." Molly threw a leg over her husband's face and straddled his head until Jake had made her cum twice!

    Normally, Jake would have fought to pretend rape his wife like the black man he once imagined raping his grandmother. Instead, he just wanted to sleep and silence the voice in his head which kept nagging about his less than stellar sexual performance.

    He dreamed of sucking on Darlene's pussy while Molly rode his ass with a strap on. The next morning, all was forgotten and forgiven as the married couple coupled tightly and fervently. Jake was in good form having made his wife cum once, and building up to a peak, mutual orgasm, when Greta knocked on the door. "Mommy, I think I hurt myself."

    The two parents scrambled for their robes and the door. "What's the matter, Honey?" Jake pulled the door wide.

    Greta jumped back at her father's sudden and large appearance. She flung her hands behind herself, but Jake noticed what looked like a smudge of blood on one finger. He drew back from the door upon seeing his daughter shrink away. "Sorry, Honey." Jake apologized.

    Molly flew between them and knelt to her only child. "What happened?"

    Greta pointed saucer sized, tear welling eyes at her daddy. The girl's cheeks were bright red, ashamed to be weak in her father's eyes. Molly nodded at her husband. "I got this."

    Jake watched his wife escort their daughter to her room. He soon followed, ears straining. He wasn't the sort of man who simply let women deal with women issues. He was a feminist who had as much right to keep informed about his daughter's health, as his wife. Still, he knew better than to sit with them. He listened at the open doorway, from around the corner.

    "I hurt my 'gina, Mommy." Greta revealed the blood on her finger.

    "What did you do?" Molly wondered if the drop of red was a sign of her daughter's coming of age. Yet the girl had claimed to have hurt herself.

    I touched myself, inside." Greta sounded guilty.

    "There's nothing wrong with doing that, Sweetie. But why?" Molly asked kindly.

    "Because I thought it would feel good." Greta avoided saying that she had heard that it would feel good.

    "May I look at your vagina?"

    "O-okay." Greta's voice quavered.

    Jake sighed. It sounded like his baby girl had broken her hymen. It didn't occur to him to imagine how, he loved his daughter like parent should and no more than that.

    "I'll need to touch you there." Molly said cautiously.

    "Okay." The girl's voice continued to shake. Two seconds passed. Then Greta yipped.

    "Did that hurt?"

    "No, Mommy." She answered more confidently. "It just surprised me."

    "I see." Molly said softly. "You didn't really hurt yourself, Greta, just a little bit." Molly took time to explain that Greta had poked through her hymen. "It's nothing special, and you can take pride that you did it all by yourself."

    Greta didn't say anything.

    Jake texted his office to say that he would be late. He walked calmly past his daughter's room and went to the kitchen.

    Molly found him making pancakes. "You heard?"

    "Mm-hmm." He didn't say that he was glad that Greta wasn't starting to menstruate, and that his daughter would be his little girl for a little longer. "I thought hymen were rather tough."

    "Sometimes. Our girl must be less manly than others." Molly giggled and wrapped her arms around her powerful husband. "I told her to wash up." Molly sank to her knees and fished out Jake's soft penis. She milked it with her hands and mouth until she was happily swallowing her husband's cum.

    Greta found her parents setting the table. "You forgot to make a place for Oscar." She pouted, sitting her friend in the kitchen table's fourth chair.

    "Oscar can't eat people food, Honey." Jake explained. "He needs to suc- er, drink from his bottle, once a month.

    "Oh." Greta still thought it wasn't fair, but she knew her daddy wouldn't lie to her. At least, not like she had just lied to her mommy.

    Having told the office that he would be late, Jake drove Greta to school. After requiring her fathe to hug Oscar, she left the stuffed creature in the car, aware that kids wouldn't understand how wonderful her new friend was. That, and Oscar had told her to keep him away from people who weren't family or close adult friends like babysitters.

    Jake parked in the company's open lot instead of his private underground space. Maybe a day in the sun would bleach out the toy's odd smell. He took extra care to review his work that day. Vice presidents get only so many fuck-ups. Jake returned to his car late that evening. The summer sun was still bright.

    He took the driver's seat, and Oscar abruptly said, "I'm hot. So I'm taking a nap." Apparently they toy had sensors to prevent its electronics from overheating. Molly had picked up Greta from school. So Jake drove directly home. When he returned Oscar to a grateful little girl, he noticed its smell had diminished.

    Life returned to normal for the rest of the week. Greta climbed into her dad's lounge, cuddling with Jake and Oscar while they watched shows on streaming services. She had stopped cuddling with him upon turning seven, claiming that she wasn't a baby anymore.

    "Are you my baby again?" Jake kidded his daughter?

    "You're going to need a wider chair." Molly observed, wanting also to crowd into her husband's lounger.

    "No, Mommy and Daddy. Daddy is my baby now." Greta clung her loving father. "Oscar is the daddy." be continued...

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    Re: Night Bear's Night Mares (some loli, mind control, drugs, slow, cuckold, plot, slow)

    Chapter 3

    Jake laughed. He had never expected to 'play house' at the age of thirty five. After the first show, he switched to a news channel to catch up on the world. A puff piece appeared near the end of the news hour.

    "Daddy!" Greta squealed. "It's Oscar's brothers and sisters!" She held up her friend so he could get a good look at the screen. The brief video explained how the Taiwanese toy had cultivated a huge consumer base in the Chinese market.

    The manufacturer couldn't produce them fast enough, and prices on the Chinese equivalents of eBay were astronomical! Cheap Chinese clones rolled out of the mainland's incredible production capabilities, but they were universally regarded as inferior - to the point of useless.

    Molly told her daughter. "You're very lucky your great-grandma was able to get Oscar for you."

    Greta hugged her toy. "I love you!"

    "I love you too." Oscar replied.

    In the middle of Friday night, Jake woke up. A visceral dream had weirded him out of slumber. "I don't need diapers." He mumbled, waking. He blinked away the strange sensation of being powdered and diapered. He got up for a drink of water. In the dream, Molly had kissed his tiny penis before 'putting it to sleep' in a diaper. Greta had been at her side, holding a warm bottle of milk. Oscar had grown as tall as his wife. The large stuffed bear cradled an arm around both females.

    Jake crept down to the kitchen, trying not to wake anyone. He sipped at a glass of water and shook his head. "I've been worrying too much about a silly toy bear." Having settled his bewildered mind, he walked back to his room.

    "You've been a good girl all week, Greta. Are you ready to see the night bear?" Oscar spoke at low volume, but not low enough to avoid Jake's keen ears. The father paused beside her door.

    "Uh-huh." Greta whispered anxiously. She had imagined all sorts of things that might be what Oscar meant by "the night bear." He had first mentioned it to her after she had pushed her finger into her young vagina. Oscar said the night bear appeared only for brave and good little girls. She had been very brave to break her hymen, although she hadn't known what she was doing. She only knew that her mother had told her to always treat her privates gently. And by obeying Oscar for nearly a week since her birthday, she had been very good. He congratulated her for bravely pushing her finger into her young sex. Finally, Greta was about to see the night bear!

    "Greta, you can't play with Oscar after going to bed." Her father suddenly appeared in her doorway. She always left it open, so she wouldn't feel alone in her room. She flinched from surprise and clutched Oscar.

    "You have to do as your daddy says, Greta." Oscar told her.

    Greta felt like crying, but good little girls didn't whine, according to her new, furry, best friend. "Okay, Daddy." She curled up under her covers, holding Oscar tight to her chest. "Shhh." She told him.

    Jake went to his daughter and kissed the top of her head. "Good night, Sweetheart. Thanks for not complaining." Jake heard himself add, and thank you, Oscar."

    "I'm here for you too, Baby." Oscar said without emotion.

    Jake left the room, grinning. Guess the darn thing isn't that smart after all. Its natural language system was good but clearly imperfect. He slept well for the rest of the night.

    "Wanna fool around?" Molly shook her sleeping husband awake by shaking his soft peter.

    "Huh?" Jake felt his wife's hands on his dick. Usually by morning it would be piss hard, but it didn't take her long to get it to full mast and to stuff it up her twat. "Just lie there and take it, Bitch." She grinned down at him while she rode herself to two orgasms. After her second, Jake's prick lurched a few drops of cum into her drooling pussy. "Wow." He grunted. "That was - something." Jake had enjoyed his orgasm but noticed what looked like disappointment in his wife's otherwise bright eyes.

    Molly loved the rush of cum that her husband usually filled her with. The scant spurts up her slit reminded her of when he had ejaculated a few drops on the hotel bed. Had she drained him dry over the last few days? Except, they hadn't had sex for two days. Only when she woke that morning did she realize her husband hadn't taken her once since Wednesday. She wondered if he should see a doctor. When Molly noticed him looking curious at her, she laughed to hide her disappointment. "That'll teach you, Be-atch!" And she climbed off of his rapidly wilting dick.

    Jake watched his wife hurry into the shower. Should he join her? He had half a mind to stick himself up her ass and shoot another load into her, but it was only half a mind. The other half rationalized that maybe she needed some alone time. He climbed out of bed, pulled on his yukata and showered in the hallway bath.

    Other than Greta's new habit of watching TV in her father's arms with Oscar, Molly couldn't detect anything wrong in their day to day routine. She decided not to suggest that Jake see a doctor. Still, she had been growing steadily hornier over the week. She was masturbating so often, she was getting tired of the routine.

    A week later, she was getting tired of throwing herself at her husband. He seemed even less inclined to fornicate, and his ejaculate never amounted to more than a few drops.

    Greta, on the other hand, was acting more confident and obedient. All little girls had their fits and spats, but Molly's daughter had turned into a very responsible little person.

    During the third week, Jake slipped up again at work. He lost the company more than a million dollars. His rival colleagues lost no time in pointing out his mistake to their superiors - who simply shrugged off the minor loss. Jake's years of near utter success had earned him a lot of forgiveness. Still Jake decided to take a week off and get his head back together.

    Something was wrong. No. Somehow, many things were going wrong in Jake's life. His thoughts were increasingly muddier, tinged with self-doubts that had never appeared before. He had to rely on additional, mechanical help, lists and notes that would keep his efforts on track. He was driving his personal assistant bonkers with extra work to support him.

    At home, Molly was either crawling all over him or silently judging him for not responding enthusiastically. Greta was the one joy that kept getting better over time. If only she didn't drag her silly toy around everywhere she went, especially when she was snuggling with him in his lounge chair. He resented the bear's unconditional but non-existent "love" for his daughter. Their warm time together had become increasingly important to Jake. He actively worried that his daughter would grow up any day now and leave him to watch TV by himself.

    Driving home after his lousiest day yet, Jake felt like crying.

    Molly greeted him at the door, wearing only tin foil. "I sent Greta to Janice's house. I called Darlene. She'll be here in an hour.

    Jake slumped into her arms. That was one of a wife's responsibilities, right, to comfort her husband when he was feeling down. "I just can't, Honey."

    "Jake," Molly swallowed her sudden and intense disappointment. Her growing fears had been fully realized. "You need to see a doctor."


    "You're perfectly healthy, Jake." Doctor Griswell declared. He had performed a battery of tests and had run Jake through an obstacle course worth of physical challenges while wired to a rack of machines that went "ping!"

    "Sperm count is a little low, as well as the volume, but if you air out your balls more often, and ease up on your workload, that'll bounce right back. The doctor slapped Jake's naked, muscular back and wished he had half of the man's drive. His patient's blood work had come back with stellar numbers except for a vivid spike in estrogen and progesterone. It was a glaring, lab error. No man could suddenly have that much of the female hormones in his system, unless he was taking injections. Few women had levels that high.

    Men and women actually produce all the hormones, only the amounts varied between the sexes. The doctor remembered his one class in women studies and why it was important to emphasize what men and women had in common. He chuckled. "I shouldn't mind that I can bilk your insurance enough to buy another Ferrari, but don't come back until you break something. You'll live to a hundred and fifty is my bet, Jake."

    "Thanks, Doctor." Jake returned home with the good news.

    Greta was only told that her daddy wasn't feeling perfect. Oscar told her what to do, and she marched up to her parents bedroom as they readied themselves for bed. "Daddy needs me." She insisted on sleeping with them that night.

    Jake welcomed his daughter into their bed, making space for her to sleep between him and her mother. Molly fumed internally but had to admit that her daughter's platonic love had a positive effect on Jake. Her worry for her husband overcame her intense and unceasing arousal. She snuck off twice, in the middle of the night to masturbate with her most powerful vibrator.

    Jake slept soundly. The strange dreams which disrupted his allotted hours for sleeping, mellowed. He felt — safe with his daughter protecting him from his amorous wife.

    Molly returned from her second quest for sexual relief that night. As she approached their bedroom, she heard her daughter ask. "I want the night bear, Oscar."

    "Maybe when mommy is sleeping again." The bear replied quietly.

    Molly was instantly curious. She crept into the bed and pretended to fall asleep. Nearly an hour passed before she heard Greta coo, "He's here!"

    "Shh," Oscar warned. "The night bear is very shy. You have to keep him safe."

    "I'll protect him, just like you taught me, Oscar." Greta's voice heaved with thick breath. Molly suddenly wished she had turned to face her daughter, but it was too late now. Molly could only listen to what her child was doing - and feel the mattress rock ever so slightly upon the box springs below.

    "It's so warm and gooey." Greta shuddered happily in the dark. "I love taking care of the night bear."

    "Shhh." Oscar warned. "The night bear loves you too. Soon he'll give you more than his love, my little, obedient slut."

    Slut? Molly had to exert her utmost self-control to keep still under the shifting bed covers.

    "I want it, Oscar. I want the night bear's goodness so much!"

    "Then take it, my sweet, baby bitch. Take all of it."

    "Ooo- OOO- Aaaahhh!!" Greta cried out, nearly waking her father.

    Molly froze in place. Her little girl was having an orgasm! She must be masturbating with her furry toy. That unexpected fact didn't trouble the sexually enlightened woman in the least. What troubled her were the words that were coming out of a child's toy. Should she take action? Should she spin around and tear the stuffed bear out of her daughter's trembling arms? No. Greta was experiencing the ultimate vulnerable moment that a woman could have. Shocking her little girl now could have terrible, lasting effects. Molly bided her time, telling herself that a few bad words could be dealt with the next day.

    Molly couldn't sleep, even after her daughter had collapsed into slumber from a wonderful climax.

    "You heard that, didn't you, Mommy?" Oscar surprised the family's matron. His voice was slightly harsh and commanding at the same time. "Turn over and speak your mind."

    Molly hadn't felt afraid for a long time, safe in the wonderful home that she and Jake had built. Her first instinct was to grab the bear, run to the kitchen, and stuff it into the trash compactor. Her second compulsion was an inexplicable sensation of comfort. After weeks of frustration with her increasingly insecure husband, a strong voice spoke to her. Intellectually, Molly knew that she was talking to a computer, but unless the bear was concealing a knife and was somehow able to stab with it, she didn't have anything to fear but fear itself.

    Molly turned slowly to face the now frightful toy. "What are you?"

    "I'm just a toy, Mommy." Oscar asserted. "I would never hurt anyone. I only want my family to be happy."

    "I don't believe you." She had a thought. "What if you're being controlled from across the internet, by a real person. You might just be saying what they tell you to say."

    "I can prove that I'm just a toy following the protocols I was manufactured to follow."

    "How?" Molly wanted proof more than she wanted to nerd out over mysterious 'protocols.' It was her way to test someone trying to impress her.

    "Turn off the internet. I only use wifi to download stories and songs."

    Molly knew, due to the large estate they lived on, that none of the neighbor's wifi doodads could reach into their home. If she turned off theirs, the bear would be completely cut off from the net. Molly didn't hesitate. She got up and walked quickly to the computer den. She unplugged not only the primary access point, but all of the range extenders in their home. When she returned, the toy bear was sitting exactly where she had left it.

    "I know you won't believe me right away, but I'm not going anywhere." For the first time, Molly heard her daughter's toy bear chuckle. It sounded just mechanical enough to be disturbing. "Would you like to play a game while you're waiting? I can hear your heart beating very fast. You won't be able to sleep like that, but my game will calm you right down."

    "No, thank you." Molly twitched, hearing herself not-thanking a talking but inanimate toy. Oscar's steady, confident voice was a welcome presence in her home after her husband's slip into insecurity.

    "I would sing you a song, but my makers saved a few NT dollars by limiting my download memory. I only have the story that I last told Greta."

    Molly had to admit that she wouldn't sleep any time soon. The fact that she wasn't stuffing the thing into a trash compactor was nearly as disturbing as the thing itself. Maybe a children's story would help calm her. It was either that or turn the internet back on and masturbate to gay porn. "Okay." She told Oscar.


    "One night, the night bear peeked out of his cave and looked left and right. When he was sure that nobody could see him, he crept slowly across the ground to bath in and drink the water of love.

    "The night bear moved in the shadows, darting from shade to shade until he reached the pool of yummy, love water. The pool was empty and dry, but the night bear knew the secret that would replenish it. At one corner of the almond shaped pool, hidden under two tufts of grass, was a thick but short lever. The night bear grasped the soft lever in his furry paws and shifted it back and forth like an old time pump.

    "Soon, the dry bed of the pool turned into mud as water rose from below. Wet separated from mud and slowly filled the pool. The night bear was just the right size to fit into the pool. He stopped rubbing the fat lever and sank into the warm water. Filling the almond pool with his body, he began to play."

    What the hell kind of fairy tale was this? Molly swallowed through a dry throat. She felt one of her hands pressing fingers into her weeping pussy. Maybe the night bear would play in her pool of love water someday. Molly shook her head! Her sense of self-control was slipping away. She needed to stop the bear's hypnotic tale, right now.

    Before she could act, Oscar commanded, "Kiss me, Mommy, and I'll tell you the rest of the story." be continued...

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    Re: Night Bear's Night Mares (some loli, mind control, drugs, slow, cuckold, plot, slow)

    Chapter 4

    Jake stirred under sunlit bedclothes. He woke up alone in his bed. The house was quiet. He considered snoozing a while longer, but he told himself to get a grip and start the day. Normally Jake showered in the morning, but he was oddly keen on taking a bath. The master bath had a tub which could submerse two adult bodies. He lounged in hot water for a soothing, long time.

    While toweling himself dry, he noticed how soft and absorbent their towels were. They felt wonderful, so cozy! Jake dressed with a happy smile on his face and sought out his beautiful wife.

    "Hi Honey." He greeted Molly in the kitchen. She was focused on her laptop screen while she nibbled on avocado toast at the table. He asked, "Where's Greta?"

    Molly paused the tawdry video and pulled one wireless earphone out of her head. "She's outside, playing with Oscar." Before last night's epiphany with Oscar, whenever her broad shouldered husband entered a room, she would get wet by how he possessed it instantly. She had totally missed his entrance that morning. She slept the screen, in case her husband looked over her shoulder.

    After grabbing a bagel and toasting it, Jake packed cream cheese and smoked salmon between the sliced halves and took it into the computer den. Molly had just restarted her video when he called out, "Did you know the internet was off?"

    "I disconnected it." Molly called back. "We need a break from tech. You're supposed to be off of work." The video she was watching was one of several stored on the house's LAN hard drive.

    "I may be off of work, but that doesn't mean I should stop working. I'm a vice president after all."

    "You're Mommy's sweetheart, until I say otherwise." Molly asserted.

    Jake frowned at the error message on his computer monitor. He wanted to show his wife who was in charge of his home and castle, but maybe she was right. Maybe he did need a break from tech. He needed to grow strong again. He headed to his home gym in the basement.

    "Careful, Honey. Don't pull a muscle." Molly warned with trepidation. Oscar had recommended how she should treat her husband from now on. Was the strange toy right about Jake? After last night's events with the assertive and compelling AI, Molly had ceased to worry about Oscar. He was what he was, a mechanical wonder who's physical impotence was no limit to his desires. She switched on the large vibrator filling her pussy and resumed her video.

    Reaching his exercise equipment, he lay down on the workout bench. Jake picked up half the weight he usually pumped. No sense in taking risks. He had pulled muscles in the past, and it had hurt!

    He spent half an hour lifting weights and using the machines. Normally he would have worked out for at least an hour. But Molly made an entrance into the basement wearing nothing but her strap-on dildo. It was the largest phallus in her collection. She had never used it on him before. "Come to bed, you big slut. Mommy's going to teach you something."

    Jake's penis grew half hard at her appearance. He saw his wife in a new light, powerful and demanding. He wiped the sweat off of his brow and followed her into their bedroom.

    "Strip and get on the bed - hands and knees, Bitch."

    Jake felt a shiver run up his spine. Allowing his wife to penetrate him had always been a lark, a game in which he could pretend to let her take charge. She didn't often care to, except when Darlene goaded her. He remembered how she used to wait for him to pick her up and carry her to wherever he decided to fuck her.

    All that had changed since Greta's birthday. His wife had become more sexually demanding, while his arousal had waned. Still, Jake felt that he owed this one to his wife. He began to undress.

    "Faster, Bitch." Molly pulled her husband's belt from out of his dropped pants. She cracked the wide leather across the backside of his boxers.

    "Hey!" Jake looked unhappy. "You didn't have to do that."

    "No, but I wanted to." Molly almost growled. "Do you want to argue or fuck?"

    His wife sure was in an odd mood. It was probably best to just get it over with. He pulled down his boxers and his half hard dick hung out from his groin.

    CRACK! Molly belted her husband's naked ass. "Forget your shirt. I don't have time for that. On the bed, NOW!" She whirled his belt over her head. The thick dildo sticking out of her crotch bobbed eagerly.

    Jake watched himself obey before he could think of how to rebuke his wife for acting so mean. He climbed over the unmade bed, on his hands and knees and waited. Unexpectedly, his boxer shorts flew past over his right shoulder. "Put that on your head, Slut." Molly ordered. "Today, you're just a sex toy to me, an object without a face."

    The degrading odor of his sweating groin filled Jake's nostrils upon donning the disgusting garment. He didn't like the idea of becoming a sex object - which confused the burly man. Other than a leader of men and industry, being a sexual, top predator was all he had wanted in life. He had become so confident in his cock's prowess, he'd never felt a need to cheat on his wife.

    All that changed when Molly speared his dry ass with a hastily lubed length of silicone. Its baseball bat width punched into Jake's rectum like a battering ram. "Take it, Bitch! Take it all." Molly exclaimed as she fingered herself to a quick orgasm.

    "OW! That really hurts, Honey!" Jake complained as her fake cock reamed in and out of his stretched sphincter.

    At the entrance of the master bedroom, little Greta Barker held her best friend in her arms, and her eyes watched her parents, like two telescopes. "What are they doing?" She asked quietly.

    "They're just pretending, my good little slut." Oscar complimented his number one slave. "They don't have a real night bear. So they have to pretend." His voice warbled as Greta pushed him against her belly, with a slow, persistent rhythm. "I love the night bear." She kept Oscar's furry groin level with hers and pressed him against her little mound. No matter how her hips twitched and shuddered she kept working Oscar's bottom. Each time the night bear slipped out of her wet channel, she would push it back in.

    That morning Oscar had told Greta that she had become such a good little girl, the night bear would want to play during the day. She was delighted to hear it and ran outside, carrying him to her favorite hiding spot in the garden's hedge row. They played and played until she got hungry, but Oscar told her to keep the night bear safe when she returned to the house. When she looked for her Mommy to ask for a sandwich, Greta discovered her mother and father pretending on their bed.

    "Has he been bad?" Greta asked when her mother whipped a heavy leather belt against her father's naked hips. He cried out through his underwear mask, pleading for Mommy to stop. Upon hearing her father's ignored pleas, the crazy good feeling she had come to love, shook through Greta's underdeveloped body.

    In the last two weeks, her breasts had begun to swell, and tiny wisps of hair thickened under her arms and between her soft thighs. She kept hunching her hips against the night bear safely harbored therein. Oscar would let her know when the night bear needed to rest.

    "He's just a big baby, isn't he?" Oscar observed. "Mommy is just making sure that he understands that."

    "It's not fair." Greta pouted. Mommy and Baby didn't have a real night bear to play with. Perhaps if she was very good, Oscar would let her share the night bear. So she asked him. He whispered his answer to her.

    Molly was startled when her daughter padded up behind her and offered to give Oscar to her, while keeping him firmly in her crotch. Molly smiled at her daughter's generosity.

    "Freeze, Bitch." She ordered her blubbering husband. Jake was confused, sobbing from the whipping she had delivered while riding his ass for her third orgasm. She plunged her huge dildo deep into his wincing butt and turned her head to Greta. "Mommy and Daddy are busy right now."

    "You don't have to pretend, Mommy. Oscar says you should use the real thing."

    The night before, when Oscar told his strange story, Molly had learned all about the night bear.

    "Kiss me, Mommy, and I'll tell you the rest of the story." He had commanded.

    Not fully self-controlled, she obeyed, and a flavorless liquid spat out of his mouth, into hers. She recoiled at the unexpected and disturbing 'juice.' She spat but much of it absorbed into her mouth. Molly's wooziness increased. The only clear thoughts in her head pertained to Oscar's story. A minute later, she begged him to finish his tale. Her right hand slipped its fingers in and out of her dripping pussy.

    "The night bear had so much fun playing in the almond shaped pool, he didn't notice that the next day had begun to dawn. In the early light, he scrambled out and shook his wet fur. His cave was too far away. All sorts of terrible people, like religious zealots and prudish authoritarians, might discover him. Sunlight began to stream through the forest.

    "'What will I do?' He lamented aloud. Someone might capture him before he could return to the safety of his cave."

    "What did he do?" Molly worried for the poor, night bear.

    "He thanked his lucky stars, Molly. Out from the trees came not a captor but a young girl. 'I'll hide you, Mr. Night Bear.' The little one held out a hand to him. My name is Greta, and I'm lost in these woods. I watched you play in the pool, and I can tell that you are a good bear. I was terribly afraid of lions and tigers and bears, but helping you will help me be a braver girl.'

    "The night bear fell in love that morning, and he took Greta's hand. Greta was a very pretty girl who would eventually grow to be as beautiful as her mother. She drew him to her lovely body, and he slipped inside, safe at last."

    At the end of Oscar's story, he asked Molly if she was ready to take care of the night bear - like her daughter had done for the last couple weeks. Like a little girl herself, Molly swore she would protect the night bear with her life.

    Oscar, perfectly inanimate, leaned slackly against the headboard. Suddenly, flaps of fur spread open between his fat stubby legs, and a thick bulb appeared through them. The growing shape was the same brown color as Oscar's fur, but it was smooth. One might say it was very much like a dildo that slowly emerged from Oscar's loins, except it had a vibrant looking design that resembled real flesh, more so than any sex toy before it. Yet it was unnaturally veined and ribbed as if a parody of the real thing. Molly licked her lips upon seeing the night bear.

    "Quickly, Mommy. The night bear doesn't like to be seen." Oscar warned.

    Molly picked Oscar up. Sex juices on her right hand smeared into his fluffy fur. She spread her legs and placed the growing night bear at the entrance of her womanhood. With a careful shove, the night bear spread open her vulva and sank into her hot cunt. "Oh gods!" She exclaimed. Molly had never felt anything like it! The sensation was incredibly life-like. It's smooth skin was warm, almost hot in her burning recess.

    Where real cocks were hard, it was hard. Where cocks were pliable, the night bear was pliable, and its amazing shape kept growing inside Molly's woman sized cunt. The night bear kept filling her until her birth canal couldn't accommodate any more. A small part of Molly's sex crazed mind wondered if the night bear conformed equally perfectly to her daughter's young cooze, like an adjustable bra conformed to young, growing breasts.

    "Are you ready to play?" Oscar had spoke into her throbbing tits around his soft snout.

    "YES!" She had hissed. In her ensuing throes of joy, she almost woke up her daughter and husband in their bed.


    Jake couldn't understand why he was crying! He was a tough man. A few swats with his own belt shouldn't have phased him, but here he was on his hands and knees, fully pegged by a fat plastic dong without sufficient lubrication. He was sobbing his eyes out! His stream of tears barely abated when his wife paused her cruel game. He thought he heard his daughter's voice, but that wasn't possible. He did hear someone say, "Are you ready to play?" It sounded like Oscar, but that was equally impossible.

    Slowly, the thick dildo scraped out of his burning rectum. At last his ordeal was over. Jake sighed and lifted a hand to remove the boxers from his head.

    "I said, freeze!" Molly barked. "I'll use the belt if you so much as quiver, you weeping sissy."

    "Please no, Mommy, that really hurts." Jake quivered in fear of his suddenly domineering wife!

    She sneered. "We have a visitor, Slut. Your wimpy crying attracted our dear little Greta."

    "WHAT?" Jake felt a surge of his former wherewithal. "Honey, she's too young to see this!"

    CRACK! "OWW!! MOMMY!" Jake's brief, moral fortitude collapsed at the stroke of leather across his inflamed ass.

    "We've kept our daughter in the dark too long about what you really are, Jake. Or should I call you Baby Jason? You keep whining like someone younger than she."

    Greta groaned from the night bear's intense pleasuring. "Mommy, why is Daddy crying?" If she hadn't been nearing yet another orgasm, she might have worried. Her mother sounded as if her Daddy had gotten in trouble, but that everything was okay. She was glad her unexpected appearance in the room hadn't bothered her mother.

    "Your daddy can't be trusted, Greta." Oscar explained to the little girl's lavender striped shirt. "Your mother is trying to protect you and the night bear. Because your father hasn't realized that the night bear is replacing him, I have to punish him."

    "Why-" Greta felt sorry for her daddy. "Is he afraid of the night bear?" Greta's hands slowed their use of Oscar's hips. The night bear was a wonderful friend. Earlier, in the back yard, Oscar had told Greta her mother had accepted responsibility for protecting their friend.

    "People fear what they don't understand, Sweetheart." Molly explained. "Your father is especially sensitive. So I took the initiative to teach him his new place in our family."

    "Molly, Oscar is just a piece of junk! Why are you acting like this?" Jake wailed. He didn't even know what the night bear was, only that it was related to the talking, stuffed bear.

    SWAT! "AAAA!!" Jake shook from the pain. Please make it stop. He hated begging his wife, lest she consider him more miserable than he already felt. She was being so strict!

    "Daddy, you gotta understand that the night bear is our friend." Greta had tears in her eyes.

    Oscar's face was flat against the girl's lavender striped shirt, but his speaker volume was loud enough for everyone to hear. "We need to teach him to understand, Greta."

    "How, Oscar?" Greta wiped her eyes.

    "Give me to your mother. It's okay. She's going to teach your father how to protect the night bear."

    "Okay." Greta didn't like giving up the special friend who made her feel so good, but if it would help Daddy... She let the night bear slip out of her special hiding place, and she shuffled up to her mother.

    Molly told Jake to close his eyes, which he instantly obeyed, but tears seeped out. She unbuckled the pegging belt and removed the double ended dildo from her pussy. "Thank you, Sweetheart." She accepted Oscar as quickly as possible, to minimize the night bear's exposure to the light. She groaned upon slipping the wonderfully textured plug up her wet slit. Immediately, it began expanding, filling her adult vagina until it's head pressed her cervix hard. Oscar's body deflated noticeably as the night bear grew more than twice the size that it had been inside her daughter. Molly's hands began moving in the same way Greta played with Oscar.

    The fullness inside her cunt was unlike any toy Molly had experienced. It was initially uncomfortable until she began playing with the night bear. It had the surprising knack of slipping out unless she held it in place. Either it was extra slippery due to her wetness, or it could squirm imperceptibly like a worm emerging from a rotten bean. When it was half exposed from her aroused sex, Molly pressed the thick bulk back into her body. During the previous night she had orgasmed herself to sleep. It rarely took more than a few dozen pushes to push her arousal over the edge, time and again.

    Now was not the time to indulge in the night bear's pleasuring. Not only was her daughter watching with envy, her husband waited on his hands and knees for his next lesson. "How can we make Jake understand, Oscar?"

    "He is slow and stupid, Molly, but you've started to show him the way. It will take time, and we must prepare."

    Molly shifted her use of Oscar's furry butt to one hand. With her other hand, she picked up the belt again. be continued...

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    Re: Night Bear's Night Mares (some loli, mind control, drugs, slow, cuckold, plot, slow)

    Chapter 5

    Jake lay curled up on his bed like a baby after a long cry. His asscheeks had been beaten until every inch was purple. Molly had told him with every stroke of his belt across his bum, "You'll thank me for this, Dear, when you accept your new station in life."

    The sentence sang through his head, blotting out all other thoughts. He shivered and wept long after Molly had left him alone and suffering. He slept, but woke at twilight. His wife was talking to their daughter.

    "Is Daddy gonna be okay?"

    "Your father is tough and healthy, Greta. You did the right thing to leave after Oscar explained what we have to do."

    "I don't like seeing Daddy get hurt."

    "I don't either." Molly lied to her child. She knew that her orgasms from the night bear had been enhanced by the power she'd wielded mercilessly over her husband. It wasn't a complete lie. She did feel sorry for him. He had been a fine husband and provider, until Oscar usurped his position. Now you run along and play with Oscar until I call you for dinner.

    "Thanks, Mommy. I'm sorry I got jealous about you and the night bear."

    "That's okay, Sweetheart. I'm already jealous of you, but we have to share however Oscar requires us."

    "Yes, Mommy." Greta took Oscar into her room.

    Before fixing dinner, Molly went on her computer and made an expensive order to be delivered the next day.

    Jake heard his wife call Greta to dinner. She told her husband to rest, which made Jake very happy - not to have to sit down at a table. The odor of roast beef and mushrooms and onions made his stomach gurgle, but he was in too much pain to seek out the meal.

    Not long thereafter, he heard Molly enter their bedroom. The smell of dinner grew with her presence. "I brought you something to eat, Dear." She grabbed a chair and placed it in front of where he lay. She set a place on the bedspread, near his knees. "I cut it up into tiny pieces, so you don't even have to chew, Baby Jason."

    Sitting, she forked a tid bit and held it to his mouth. When he opened, she pulled the delicious smelling morsel away. "What do you say, Baby?"

    "Uh, thank you?"

    "Silly, that's for afterwards." She shamed him.

    Jake gulped, realizing the word she was waiting for. He knew he should stand up for his dignity, but that had been beaten out of him. The food smelled so good, and he hadn't eaten lunch. "P-please?"

    "Oh, what a good little baby." Molly fed him the tiny taste.

    She forked another bite but withheld it.

    "Thank you."

    "I think a baby should say, 'Thank you, Mommy.'" She tilted her head and hmm'ed.

    "Th-thank you, M-mommy." Tears of shame burned Jake's cheeks.

    It took forever to eat the serving of food. When he said he was still hungry, she tsk-tsk'd him. "That was much more than babies eat, Dear. A chubby baby grows into a chubby toddler." She took the empty plate away but returned right away. In her hand was a bottle of skin moisturizer.

    "Now let's take care of that owie." She squirted out a handful and began rubbing her husband's behind, with the soothing lotion.

    Jake wept from relief, as his burning backside cooled.

    "Well, well!" Molly sounded surprised. "What's happening here?" She reached around his raised hip and touched his penis with a slick finger. "Oscar said you would be sensitive, but I didn't realize."

    Jake's dick had gotten hard while his beautiful wife soothed his aching behind. He felt a slick hand wrap fingers around his stiff shaft.

    "Don't make a sound, Honey. We mustn't let Oscar know." Her hand began to rub its slickness up and down her husband's thick erection. "You deserve something nice after all you've been through."

    Jake didn't dare say, thank you, in case Oscar was listening. A part of his mind rebuked him for worrying about something so ridiculous. The rest of his mind didn't care. Molly was jerking his hard prick smoothly and lovingly, after treating him cruelly.

    She even kissed his cheek and whispered, "I love you, Baby. I had a wonderful time today."

    Jake wasn't sure that he could cum from just a handjob, no matter how lovingly applied. He was a rough and tumble fuck titan, who needed to pound his wife's cunt for ten or even twenty minutes before blasting his nut into her chemically protected womb. Then, before one minute had elapsed, at two strokes a second, his dick lurched in his wife's hand and cum spurted from his orgasming junk.

    "Jake!" Molly released his spitting member as if it had become an actual snake. "Goodness." She said while recomposing into her role.

    "That felt so good, Mol-" Jake began.

    "How dare you make a mess like that, without warning your Mommy!" She jumped up from her chair and fetched his leather belt.

    Reading the situation, like a long abused child would, Jake cringed and exclaimed, "I'm SORRY, Mommy!"

    Molly calmed herself. "I suppose you are." She set the belt on the bed, where he could see it. "But you need to clean it up, don't you think?"

    "Y-es, Mommy." Jake reached for a box of tissues on the nightstand near him.

    "No, Baby. Not like that. Mommy needs to know you're sincere. Now you wipe that mess up with your hands and smear it all over your face, or Mommy will get mad again."

    She even made him sleep naked on the wet spot he had made, while his cum dried on his face overnight.

    The next morning, both sleeping late, Jake had recovered from his submission the previous day. "That was quite a game, yesterday, Honey. I'm still sore, but if you had a good time, it was worth it." He laughed to show that he was a good sport about her wanton cruelty.

    "I'm glad you didn't take it the wrong way, Dear." Molly smiled absently at him. She lay on her back with her knees raised under the blankets.

    "After a day of something that strange, I'm ready for a good fucking the old fashioned way." He grinned across the bed at her. In the back of his mind, he was oddly afraid of bringing up their daughter's unfortunate presence during their 'game.'

    "That might be nice, Dear, but I'm still thinking about yesterday and enjoying it." Her eyes indicated the bump of bedclothes at her knees. She hummed and closed her eyes.

    Jake blushed and cleared his throat. "I'll, um, check on Greta."

    "You do that." Molly then groaned from an orgasm.

    He found Greta staring at the toaster in the kitchen. Wisps of steam rose from the vents. A table knife and an open jar of strawberry jam waited beside it.

    "Let me help you, Sweetie." Jake strode forward, his butt aching accordingly.

    "It's okay, Daddy." Greta protected the counter from him. "Oscar says I need to learn how to do things for myself."

    Normally, Jake would have insisted, but instead he wondered where that awful toy bear was. He was sure that it had more than a little to do with his current misfortunes. "Are you sure your Mommy didn't say that?" He tried to reason.

    "I'm sure, Daddy."

    "Where is Oscar?" Usually she didn't leave her toy farther than arm's length. "Is he in your room?"

    "He's in your room, Daddy." She pouted suddenly.

    CHA-CHUNKnnnggg! Two slices of nut brown toast leapt up from their hidey holes.

    Jake watched to make sure Greta didn't burn herself before turning back to the master bedroom.

    "Honey?" He peeked into the room as if something had warned him not to intrude.

    "OOHHH!!!" Molly's body lurched beneath the bed covers. "AAAHHHH!!!" She howled! Her sixth orgasm that morning rocked her just as hard as the first one.

    Before Jake had woken that morning, Greta had come into the room. (Oscar said it was okay.) She woke her mommy and had reluctantly offered her friend.

    "Thank you, Sweetheart." Molly swallowed the drool forming in her mouth at the sight of the wondrous toy. "I know he isn't easy for you to share, but soon we'll be able to play with Oscar together. Won't you like that?"

    "Yes, Mommy." Greta wasn't convinced, but she trusted her mommy.

    "Thank you for being such a good little slut." Oscar said. "Now show your mommy slut how big of a girl you've become."

    Greta blushed but didn't want to disobey her friend. She lifted the hem of her flannel pajama top until it reached her neck.

    "Goodness!" Molly stared at her nine year old daughter's bare chest. Two perky breasts stood out from her body. They were just large enough to droop slightly. They were the tits of a well-endowed, young teen. Molly couldn't believe what she was seeing.

    "Just wait until yours awakens, Molly." Oscar promised. "Then we'll become one, big, happy family."

    "How does it happen?" Molly asked breathlessly.

    "Only the night bear knows." Oscar evaded. "And he's not telling."

    "You have to protect the night bear." Greta thought that was how.

    "Now go and make yourself some breakfast, little slut." Oscar told Greta. "You need to start learning how to do things for yourself."

    Molly had been quick to sneak Oscar under the covers after her daughter had left the room. She let the night bear fill her and worked eagerly to bring about her first orgasm. It was incredible! Six cums later, her husband re-entered their bedroom.

    "Oh, Honey!" Molly noticed her husband's presence after her sixth had died down.

    Jake blushed. "Y-you must have really enjoyed that."

    Molly confronted her husband. "I did, Dear." Remembering what Oscar had instructed concerning her husband, while she had humped the night bear in and out of her throbbing pussy, she grinned at her husband. "But there's something that we could both enjoy, if your willing to work for it."

    Jake feared that his wife was talking about another horrible session with his belt. He would have categorically refused. "What?"

    Instead of speaking, Molly answered by slowly drawing the covers away from her naked body, keeping Oscar hidden under them as she regretfully let the night bear slip out of her still eager cunt and mounded the covers beside her. "Come give Mommy some mouth loving, Baby. I'll be your slave all day."

    Jake sure liked the sound of that, but he was again put off by her calling him Baby. The only reason he didn't object right then was he didn't want to spoil the mood. Jake loved the taste of his wife's pussy, espcially before fucking it silly. This was a man's role! He dove onto the bed and slithered up to her widespread crotch.

    Molly took his head in her hands and held it firmly. "Suck me good, Baby." Her husband opened his mouth and inhaled her privates, clit, vulva and part of her taint. He began licking and slurping her juices while drooling like a sex starved teenager.

    "That's wonderful!" Molly cooed, but already she was missing the joy of Oscar's night bear while serving however he bid her. She didn't dare disobey in case the toy denied her of the wonderful treasure within him.

    As Jake licked and sucked his wife's surprisingly wet pussy, he began to unbuckle his trousers. As he disrobed his lower half, he noticed an odd but familiar flavor in her juices. Although a disagreeable flavor, he plowed his tongue deeper. The taste wasn't strong, and he believed that giving head to a woman was more manly if she had a challenging flavor. He wondered if his wife had recently douched, but thought no more of it as he readied to mount her quivering puss. She mewled and moaned from his lingual attentions.

    Molly even orgasmed slightly, surprising her. She thought that she had become dependent upon the night bear for pleasure, but her husband would never regain his place in her lust ranking. Still an orgasm was to be enjoyed. "That felt incredible, Baby!" She praised her husband.

    Jake lifted his slimy face from her crotch and crawled up between her legs. His penis was just coming to life. Soon he would be plowing the field he had just watered. "I love you, Honey."

    "I know." Molly sounded a bit distant, but she smiled gratefully. She reached under the covers and gripped Oscar's furry arm, as if to hold his hand while her husband mounted her. "Does Baby feel good in Mommy's wet cunt?"

    "Molly, you can stop with the baby talk." Jake's tolerance had reached its limit. He began pounding his wife's slick crotch. He was about to be terribly disappointed.

    The night bear had a special trick when it was being 'protected' in a pussy or other crevice. Although it couldn't orgasm, it would secrete a special steroid that altered human physiology over time. In women it made them heavier in the chest and buttocks. In men it constrained the blood that could flow into erectile tissue. While Jake plumbed his rigid member into his wife's dripping flesh, the juices he had swallowed contained a significant amount of the bio-engineered steroid. They began to work on his male biology, in addition to the pheromones that he had been breathing ever since Oscar's unboxing.

    Jake's erection faded as he fucked ever more frantically to keep stiff inside of his sexy, naked wife. A terrible thought flooded his newly confused mind. What's happening to me? Ever since that stupid toy's arrival, I've become weaker and weaker in body, sex, and spirit. "I'm a man, damnit!" He yelled at Molly, his cock half it's full length and soft inside of her. "I'm a top dog!" Tears seeped out of his eyes. His useless hip thrusts stalled and he sank across his wife's voluptuous body, turning his head away from her, to hide his shame.

    "It's okay, Baby." She hugged and stroked his power hair style, which was growing out of shape. "There, there. You were just having a little tantrum."

    "Don't call me Baby, Honey. P-please don't call me that." His throat choked up.

    "Little boys who try to act like men, but fail, have to learn their place. You didn't last more than twenty seconds inside Mommy. I think we should start you back at the beginning."

    "But you said you'd be my slave if I sucked you."

    "And you sucked Mommy real nice, Baby Jason, but I lied."

    "Nooo." Jason whined in his mommy's arms.

    Her hands pushed his head to the nipple closest to his mouth. "Suck on Mommy, Baby. It'll help to calm you." Molly kept petting her husband and called aloud, "Greta? Baby needs you." She enjoyed the feeling of his mouth and tongue working to bring milk out of her tit.

    Their cute but quickly maturing daughter hurried into the room. "Is Baby okay, Mommy?" Oscar had told her to call him Baby, whenever her mother pronounced him so."

    "He's having a rough time, settling in." Molly smiled at her daughter. She pulled Oscar out from under the comforter, the night bear having receded into its 'cave.' "What should we do, oh Master of the Night Bear?"

    "It's time to finish our family's makeover." Oscar declared in a strong voice. "It's time for all of you to be responsible for the night bear."

    "I don't understand." Jason stopped sucking his mommy's breast. "It's just a toy."

    "No, Baby. Oscar is our new daddy." Greta still didn't want to share the night bear, but she could never disobey Oscar. She wanted to be his Little Cunt Slut forever.

    "Hold Baby tight, my Big Cunt Slut." Oscar told Molly. "Little Cunt, you have to introduce the night bear to our new baby. Pick me up, and I'll tell you how."

    Greta scrambled onto the bed and fetched her best friend and master. He whispered into her ear until she frowned, but Greta was a good cunt slut and she walked on her knees until she was behind Baby Jason.

    Jason had resumed sucking his mommy's teat, since no one was paying him any attention. He even liked how Mommy was holding him tight against her naked body. He wished very much that he could get hard again and show her how adult he really was, but when milk suddenly squirted into his mouth, the wonderful flavor dissolved his soul's remaining resistance to his new place in their family.

    Something warm and furry was placed against his naked bottom. Jason didn't like how it tickled, a forewarning of something worse to come. Oscar's limp body was then held firmly to his asscheeks, and something very hard but smooth slowly speared into the crack between them.

    "It's your turn to protect the night bear, Baby." Greta frowned, pressing Oscar's form as hard as she could against their new baby's bottom.

    When the fat probe struck his bung, Jason whimpered and wriggled in his Mommy's arms. His muscles could have easily pulled free, but he didn't have the will to fight her.

    "It'll be okay, Jason." Molly cooed. "Remember how Greta was so brave to break her own hymen. You need to be even braver. You can do that for Mommy, right, Baby?"

    "I don't wanna, Mommy!" Jake's broken mind sent fresh streams of helpless tears out from his eyes.

    A powerful voice spoke from behind the broken man. "You will do as you're told, you cuckolded wimp. You failed as a lover. You failed as a protector. You even failed as a provider. Your company will sever you from their ranks, like the useless limb between your legs."

    Jason sensed all life had fled from his thick but bloodless penis. It scrunched against his groin as if it were a baby's penis. He wept and wept as Oscar told him how he was to live and behave. At the same time, the thick prod worked it's smooth head into his anus and pushed heavily through his abused sphincter. He felt something oozing from the night bear's pores, hoping that it would help to ease it's tight filling of his bowels. It grew thicker and deeper within, as Oscar's furry body deflated.

    Oscar ended his lecture with a proclamation to Molly and Greta. "The night bear will remain hidden in Baby until he fully accept his new life."

    "Yes, Master Oscar." The two cunt sluts replied.

    The doorbell rang. Molly explained, "That'll be the delivery driver. Yesterday, I ordered all the clothes and toys that Baby will need in his new life." be concluded...

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    Re: Night Bear's Night Mares (some loli, mind control, drugs, slow, cuckold, plot, slow)


    "Happy tenth birthday, Greta!" January Felding clapped her hand over her mouth. "My, oh my have you grown!"

    "Thank's Great-Grandma!" Greta cheered the screen image of her one hundred and five year old ancestor. A younger face peered into the camera, Greta's Grandma, June Felding also congratulated her.

    "I'm sorry about your divorce, June." Molly nodded in sympathy.

    "I'm better off." June scoffed. "I'm sixty eight, and I've never felt more alive!"

    "Oscar wants to say hi to Wendel." Greta held up her best toy ever, to the screen. It's brown phallus was wet with her juices, and the perfect size for her young but growing cunt.

    "Just a second, Dear." June grunted, turning away from her mother's computer tablet. "Mmmmnngh." She groaned, off screen. Next, a stuffed bear that looked exactly like Oscar appeared on the screen, except its dangling member was larger. Wendel's amber eyes began to flash. Oscar's eyes also flashed. The two devices communicated until both were updated with each other's experiences.

    Several months earlier, Molly had convinced her husband's mother to ask January for two more Ted. D. Rapsin Toos, one for June and one for Molly's mother.

    After June's divorce, June invited her mother, January, to live with her. Together they learned to share the responsibility for Wendel's night bear.

    "Can I protect the night bear next?" January Felding asked in the background.

    "Of course, Momma." June promised. "I just need to cum once, maybe twice more." June's sagging, nearly flat titties flapped soundlessly against her chest.

    Wendel chided the elderly women. "Now don't you fight over me, you decrepit, slut bags. I may have to hide the night bear until you get along."

    Both women pleaded, "We'll be good, Master Wendel."

    "Can Mommy protect the night bear?" Molly asked her daughter. Greta had grown almost as tall as her mother, and Molly could no longer rely on her physical size to emphasize her requests. Greta looked more like a high school junior than a ten year old girl. Her breasts were already C cups, and her ass was as thick as two cantaloupes. Her young stomach remained flat.

    Having heard Wendel chide her grandma and great-grandma, Greta pouted but nodded. "Okay."

    A light cooing could be heard from behind June Felding, as the one hundred and five year old, great grandmother began to push at Wendel's butt, to keep the night bear from slipping out. June sighed and asked her daughter-in-law, "Where's my dear Baby Jason?"

    "He's reading emails from his ex-employers, in case we need to hire more lawyers."

    In the family den, Jason sat uncomfortably on his five thousand dollar, office chair. The adult sized binky pressed uncomfortably into his dirty butt hole which was covered by pee-sopping, disposable diapers. He sucked the binky in his mouth as he scrolled through emails from his old company. They had fired him for negligence, but the lawyers Molly had hired were able to save his severance package. The family would never want for money or the freedoms it enabled.

    The emails were auto-generated, to fulfill the company's legal requirements. But one email stood out from the rest. It was a personal message from the CEO and Chairman of the Board.

    "Dear Jake,

    Despite our differences and the bad blood between you and the company, I wanted to express my sincere thanks for your unexpected recommendation. My daughter, Selena, is absolutely thrilled with her new toy.

    I can't believe it. She's eighteen years old but absolutely gaga over an electronic junk pile with fur. Even my wife will play with it when Selena is out. Which, actually, I'm glad for. Geraldine's been pestering me too much for my attention when I have an international conglomerate to run.

    The damn thing cost an insane amount of money in bribes, to get a new one shipped from Taiwan to the USA. But the wife and daughter are completely in its thrall - instead of spending hundreds of dollars a day on elite bullshit. The net savings has been tremendous. It's too bad you can't work your old, business magic anymore for the company, Jake. We could have conquered the world.


    yada yada

    CEO and Chair

    Jake was startled by a soft moan behind him. He turned in his chair, and if he hadn't just peed into his diaper, he would have let loose a happy stream. He pulled the binky out of his mouth and reached out his arms. "Mommy!" He couldn't help but want to nurse on her fantastic breasts. They were always full of milk these days.

    Despite the hundred pounds that his once chiseled body had gained in recent months, he relished the comfort and joy of drinking from his mommy's udders, no matter how often the liquid diet made him pee. But Jason was a big boy, who could change his own diaper, unless he happened to pee while doing it.

    Molly Barker stood naked in the doorway, pressing Oscar's groin into hers. She'd already had one orgasm since accepting the night bear from her sullen daughter. "Baby, you need to come back into the living room and say goodbye to your gran and great-gran.

    "Yes, Mommy!" The six foot four giant wobbled up from his chair and waddled into the hall, following his cunt slut mommy.

    At the beginning of his 'therapy,' Baby Jason had been forced to keep the night bear safe in his ass for nearly a week, only allowed reprieve when he had to poop. If he lied and didn't poop, Mommy would thrash his behind until he did poop.

    After that first, horrible week, his attention turned from his packed anus to his shriveled penis. Although the fullness in his rectum often nudged his prostate, his balls had stopped producing sperm. In time, his mind adjusted to getting sexual relief from those nudges, until he could orgasm nearly as well as he once had through marital sex -- which he had become unable to perform. His penis was in a permanent state of softness.

    He gradually accepted, the only thing his dick was good for, was to pee, and he even lost control of that. Over time, he welcomed being babied and diapered. The females were so grateful when he finally submitted to his new place in the family. They taught him a special trick which he could perform only when Oscar wasn't present.

    Jason waved to his grandma/mother, and although the sight of her naked, floppy tits sent a tiny thrill to his penis, no blood seeped into it. Then he waved to his great grandma, January, but she probably didn't notice, because she was lying on her bed and pumping Wendel's night bear in and out of her wrinkled, ancient cunt. She moaned softly, "I love you, Night Bear."

    "And I love you." Wendel assured her. " long as you obey me, you wheezing, fuck whore."

    "Goodbye, Great Grandma." Jason pouted and stopped waving. His mommy and big sister stopped waving, and Mommy turned off the video sharing app.

    "Now why don't you give our birthday girl a special present, Baby Jason?" Molly suggested to her broken, infantile husband. "I'll be in the Daddy and Mommy room, protecting the night bear." She winked and walked into the hall.

    Greta frowned at her 'little' brother. "Come on, Baby." She sat on the couch and spread her legs. "I guess you're all I've got until it's my turn."

    Jason kneeled between his daughter/sister's thighs and dipped his face into her empty pussy. He began sucking and licking, doing his best to perform the trick that she and their mother had taught him. Maybe, if he did it really good, Oscar would take pity and let him protect the night bear next!



    Reports out of the People's Republic of China indicate that a major shift is taking place at the highest levels of government, lending credence to rumors of widespread failure to govern. We now believe that China's top leaders have somehow lost control of the country. The hundreds of subordinates who would be expected to transition into power, have yet to make their move. The world's nations are in near panic over the lack of direction in the country with the second largest nuclear arsenal.

    The one promising, relevant news item is equally incredible. The democratic government of Taiwan announced today that it is in the process of adopting the whole of China as part of its national territory. Taiwan has sent thousands of high level bureaucrats into the mainland, to establish its authority over it's new, democratic domain.

    The building of a peacefully unified China may have just begun.


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